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Hi, and welcome to Manu’s Piano and Violin Studio!

Manu (short for Emmanuelle) is a piano and violin teacher, composer and piano accompanist. She has taught students of all ages since 2006.

Short Bio

Originally from Belgium, Manu started piano at age 5, and violin a year later. As is the European custom, she did 3 years of solfège. This helped her attain great aural and sight-reading skills.

She moved to Sydney at age 13 and continued to pursue her music lessons on both instruments. She studied music and Japanese at the University of Sydney and graduated in 2006 with an Honours year in composition with the well-known Australian composer Anne Boyd. Since then, Manu has taught in various music schools and privately.

Over the years, Manu has played with many orchestras and small ensembles. She has been exploring new techniques on the violin with Scottish fiddler James Gastineau-Hills. She is now preparing her Amus exam on the piano.

To improve her teaching, Manu regularly attends piano/violin pedagogy workshops, conferences and webinars.


13 years of teaching piano and violin

11 years of piano accompaniment

Bachelor of Arts with a major in Music from the University of Sydney


AMEB Violin Grade 8

AMEB Music Theory Grade 5

Three years of solfège


My hope is to share my love of music with you so that you, in turn, can share it with others. I want to give you all the tools needed for you to become a creative and independent musician for life. That way you can play in an orchestra, busk on the streets, jam with other musicians, compose your own music, etc. or whatever it is you want to do!

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