Monthly Payments

  • Monthly payments are to be paid on the first day of every month.
  • All billing and payments are done with Paypal on the online platform My Music Staff.
  • Late payment will incur a $25 fee.
  • Students are allocated 36 lessons a year.
  • Tuition is divided evenly between the 11 months of teaching. It doesn’t matter if there are 5 or 2 lessons in a given month, the tuition fee is exactly the same.
  • Fees do not cover the cost of sheet music, materials or exam fees.
  • Tuition fees will increase each year by 2% and will come into effect from Term 1 of each year.


  • To cancel a lesson, please provide more than 24 hours notice by text, phone or via My Music Staff. The student may use the “swap” function on My Music Staff by cancelling their lesson and swapping times with another student who cancelled. Alternatively, they may arrange a make-up lesson on the available make-up slots listed on the calendar.
  • If less than 24 hours notice, the lesson will not be refunded and no make-up lesson will be given (except for illness).
  • Missed lessons cannot be carried over into subsequent weeks.
  • If for any reason I have to cancel a lesson myself, I will offer a make-up lesson at a different time, or if a suitable time cannot be arranged, I will refund the cost.

Terminating lessons

  • Should you wish to terminate lessons before the end of the paid month, you may do so with 2 weeks notice. No refund will be given.
  • The teacher may terminate lessons at any time. Potential reasons for termination include non-payment, poor attendance, lack of practice, discipline problems, or non-compliance with studio policies. Any tuition that has been paid will not be refunded.

Length of lessons

I recommend:

  • 30 min lessons for students aged 7 or under
  • 45 min lessons for students over 7
  • 60 min lessons for intermediate and advanced students

Student etiquette

  • The student should come on time. If the student is late, this simply takes time out of the lesson, i.e. the lesson will start when the student arrives and will still finish at the scheduled time.
  • The student should keep their nails trimmed. This applies for both piano and violin students.
  • The student agrees to bring all music books, instrument and homework notebook and/or practise sheets  to the lesson.


  • For the sake of others, please do not attend lessons if you are ill.

Home practice

  • The student should practise daily or at least 5 days a week.
  • Consistency is key, even if it is only for fifteen minutes!
  • Parental involvement in home practice is crucial for student success. Please help your child to establish and stick to a practice routine, and see that practice time is free of distractions.  If you are the parent of an elementary age student, please plan to sit with your child for at least a portion of their daily practice time.


  • For the sake of other students, lessons cannot go over time. If you need to talk to me, please contact me by text, phone or email outside teaching hours before 3pm or after 7pm.

Summer lessons

  • Students are strongly encouraged to continue their lessons during the summer holidays as it will prevent backsliding, from which it can take weeks or months to recover. Many students also have more time to practice and can thus advance quite rapidly. If you wish to have lessons during the summer vacation,  these can be scheduled at a mutually agreed time within the summer term. A separate invoice will be sent out to be paid one week prior to the first lesson.


If you have any questions, please contact me.