Should I learn piano or violin?

Both instruments are great for different reasons. If you are not sure which instrument to choose, here are a few points about both instruments:


  • It is easier to start on but requires coordination of the two hands which can be hard for some
  • It has a wide pitch range and can create many different sounds
  • It is the best instrument on which to learn music theory, harmony and aural
  • Can be solitary compared to other instruments
  • One can play any styles of music with it


  • It is harder to start on but there is usually only one melody line to deal with so it does become easier with practice
  • It is one of the best instruments on which to develop a good ear
  • It is a social instrument; one can play the violin in orchestras, ensembles, fiddle groups, etc.
  • One can play many styles of music with it

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